BAsic Pistol course


The basic course is designed to develop a solid foundation for any experience level shooter.  It will benefit both novice or experienced shooters to honing their skills to progress in more advanced firearms training.  Proper firearms handling procedures and safety is top priority, our OA instructor's experience and training will insure each student gains the knowledge and understanding of each firearm prior to any live fire exercise.  On-range drills will bring the classroom portion together to help develop each shooter to reinforce the foundation they will build on.  All classroom training will be conducted at the OA facility in Atlanta, GA and range time at a partnering facility.  Our instructors are all NRA certified instructor to provide the best product available while building off their real world experience.  We never go over the 1 to 4 ratio for instructors to students.  This insures that each student gets the time and attention needed to succeed in training.

Material Covered

  • Proper loading and unloading
  • Range safety rules
  • Safe firearms handling
  • Parts and operation
  • Proper Ammunition


intermediate pistol course


This course will reinforce what was learned in the basic course while developing new skills in weapons handling.  Instructors will introduce elevated techniques in firearms handling.  The focus will be more geared toward shooting fundamentals to build the muscle memory needed for each shooter.  Accuracy and the fluid mechanics of shooting will be instilled in each student as they progress through this course.  This is where thinking comes into play.  To be able to focus on proper well aimed shots while analyzing a scenario. 

Material Covered

  • Diagnosing shot misplacement
  • Advanced trigger control (sear reset/finger placement)
  • Malfunctions drill
  • Positions 1-4
  • Multiple threat engagment 
  • Magazine changes (Tactical/Combat)
  • Firearms marksmanship fundamentals 


advanced pistol course


This course is designed to put all prior skills together to develop the art of shooting and moving.  Students will develop advanced handgun manipulation skills while stressors are added.  This will effectively simulate real world experience to promote conative thinking. 

Material Covered

  • Body mechanics
  • Shot rhythm
  • Use of cover
  • Multiple threat engagement
  • Angles
  • Low percentage shots



Basic Rifle course


The basic rifle course covers the topic of safety and fundamentals to build a solid foundation on. This course will set you up for success to peruse advanced course or utilize it as a stand-alone platform for rifle proficiency.  It is a mix of classroom instruction and hands on development.

Material Covered

  1. Rifle handling procedures
  2. Marksmanship fundamentals (grip, stance, trigger control, sight picture)
  3. Recoil managements
  4. Rifle parts and functions
  5. Sight zero
  6. Cleaning and maintenance
  7. Ammunition selection 


Intermediate rifle course


This course is designed to pick up the pace and test each student.  Development of shooting scenarios will be implemented to test accuracy, safety/rifle handling, and decision making skills. Students will be initiated into the concept of shooting and moving. Our instructors will explain and physically demonstrate each movement of the drills to maximize learning theory for all students.  Distance, shooting position, and threat management will be the main focus during the life fire portion while maintaining precision engagements under stress. 

Material Covered

  • Enhanced rifle manipulation
  • Combat/Tactical reloads
  • Multiple target engagement
  • Low percentage engagement
  • Effective use of cover
  • Movement drills
  • Rifle malfunction drills


Advanced Rifle course


This course is designed to develop shooters by introducing high threat scenarios with advanced conative reasoning skills.  The classroom portion will cover real world scenarios and expose students to threat management.  The development of shooting, moving, and communicating will come into play.  Dynamic clearing of unknown areas and threats will be implemented as the student effectively engages targets. 

Material Covered

  • Angle dynamics
  • Communication skills
  • Buddy team movements
  • Advanced marksmanship skills