Since 1952, U.S. Army Special Forces haVE freed the oppressed all over the world.

The skill sets acquired from traveling abroad are endless for an SF Operator.

At Operator Athletics we strive to bring this specialized knowledge base to our clients. My worldly education started when I became a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant.  I have spent over 8 years on an ODA actioning multiple mission sets from training, hostage rescue, direct action, and intelligence operations.  One of the key aspects of gaining these skill sets is knowing reality constantly changes.  My philosophy is not to be flexible because that can be too rigid.

Be fluid and all obstacles can be overcome.


Our Mission

Operator Athletics (OA) provides high-quality firearms training to enthusiasts, law enforcement,
and military personnel.

We are not here simply to teach individuals to shoot,
but rather how to think.

Anyone can learn the fundamentals — but we can teach lessons born from real world experience.  
We are proud to offer select products that fit within the OA community.  This selection is hand picked by Special Operations individuals to ensure quality and usefulness.

But we....shall be remembered; we few, we happy few, we band of brothers; for he today that sheds his blood with me, shall be my brother.
— William Shakespeare