Lead Instructor / Owner

Logan West's military career began in 2004, when he enlisted in the United States Army. At the time, West was 2 years into a college degree, but would not wait to become part of his family’s long heritage of military service. His paternal grandparents served together in the RAF during WWII, while his maternal grandparents served in the Marines and Army WAC. 

West joined the elite Green Beret in 2007, after graduating from the special forces qualification course. He was assigned to 10th Special Forces Group where he began to utilize his specialized training as a weapons sergeant. 

During his time with the United States Army, West deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. After leaving active duty, West continued to serve in security contracting and in the National Guard; both in Afghanistan. These opportunities have allowed West to train multiple partner forces from other countries in firearms marksmanship, close quarter combat, and urban tactical movement.

- Why did you start this company? “

It was difficult to find like-minded individuals in the civilian world. I created Operator Athletics to connect the firearms community. To give back to the veteran community and build a network for vets while doing what we love. I love teaching firearms training and passing off skills and mindsets I have learned. This was my best outlet to do that for myself and others.”

- What does this company mean to you/why is it important?

“It brings the veteran community together while bridging the gap with civilian understanding. I want other veterans to be able to transition to life after the military as easily as possible. That is why all instructors will be prior service.”

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